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PERQUE vitamins have been available since 1987, offered primarily through caring and informed physicians, naturopaths, and other health practitioners.

PERQUE is formulated by internationally recognized physician and biochemist Dr. Russell Jaffe, using the latest scientific research and medical knowledge available. The PERQUE promise is only the most active nutrients shown beneficial in clinical studies are selected for use.

PERQUE’s unique formulations are of the most potent and purest nutrients available. Full disclosure label assures you that there is nothing to interfere with the uptake of nutrients into your cells, such as toxins from the production process, allergens or preservatives.

We have not found any other formulas on the market that can match the results PERQUE delivers. We know that people using PERQUE report faster and more predictable results that favorably impact the quality of their life. This is why leading doctors and healthcare professionals select and use PERQUE.

“Health is more than the absence of disease.

Health is the fullest physical, mental, and spiritual expression attainable by each individual.”

Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, PERQUE founder & scientist

Why choose PERQUE and pharmaceutical grade or higher ingredients? Most people expect all nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients used in vitamin production to be exactly the same from company to company with only price or a fancy label a defining feature. This might be the approach when selecting toilet paper, however, unfortunately, this is not the case for nutrient manufacturers and the products we can purchase. Supplement quality varies tremendously from company to company. The quality of the ingredient not only determines how well it is absorbed and creates the health benefit expected, but whether it creates side effects that can range from minor annoyances (discomfort) to major inconveniences (ill-health). It is true that a low grade vitamin, with components that are difficult or impossible to absorb may be unhealthy for certain sensitive people.

Perhaps you have tried other brands (other than PERQUE) and felt less well or cannot notice a difference. We hear this all the time. Other brands are satisfied with United States Pharmacopeia a.k.a. USP grade which may not even qualify for food grade. That is one of many reasons all PERQUE formulations come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If the PERQUE formulation does not work for you, we will buy it back.

What could I look for to assure myself of top quality? Seek full disclosure labels. If you are sensitive to an ingredient and it IS in your supplement you need to avoid that product. For example, if you do not want to take in a derivative of anti-freeze (propylene glycol or PEG) you want a full disclosure label. Many manufacturers of CoQ10 have found speedier uptake using PEG, and most, we hope for your sake, list it as an ingredient. PERQUE will never use PEG to “speed’ anything in your body. Each label notes ALL ingredients, full disclosure, so you might find nutrients or supporting ingredients that are best for you.

Be assured what is on the label is in the product. PERQUE vitamins requires the active ingredients (that often cost more) are compounded and will not allow substitutions by the manufacturer. To that result, PERQUE tests the completed batch and if the nutrients are not as specified, the batch is not sold. This ‘post-production assay testing’ makes PERQUE a leader in the industry and allows you to rest assured what is on the label is on the product.

Energized Formulas. PERQUE includes a special combination of energizing factors, transporters and chaperones that raise cell energy level, sustainably increasing nutrient benefits.

Only active ingredients. PERQUE excludes all ingredients that do not add active function to the formula. This means no fillers or binders.

No oxidants. PERQUE avoids the mixing of antioxidants with oxidants like iron, copper, iodine, sulfites, or other oxidizing preservatives that are known to damage active ingredients.

100% natural. PERQUE only uses nutrient forms found in nature and that are proven to enhance action and nutrient uptake.

Weigh the difference. If inclined, you might add up the amounts for each ingredient (of either PERQUE or your current brand) and then find a scale (perhaps at your pharmacy) and see if what the label totals matches actual weight. With the actual weights of potent PERQUE formulations, this is another way to feel the PERQUE difference.

Seek fully bio-available nutrients offering bioactivity at the cellular level. Labels should tell you if the nutrients are readily absorbed and bio-available. ALL PERQUE nutrients and products are fully bio-available. Your body will take up what it needs. You cannot take too much of nutrients in PERQUE that might build up to toxic levels if another brand or source were used. Other manufacturers might select nutrients from sources that are not active but still contain some of the nutrient, for example, calcium from ground up oyster shells. This is not a bio-available source (from the PERQUE philosophy).

Look for expiration dates, how fresh is the product? Guaranteed freshness. No matter how carefully processed vitamins with an extended shelf life have greater potential to oxidize and be harmful. PERQUE takes great care to process their products in small lots or batches guaranteeing freshness and maximum viability.

Nutrients that build from within. Some brands offer suggestions like increasing stomach acid by taking in more stomach acid products. In PERQUE Life-Guard the formulation includes trimethylglycine or Betaine HCl which allows the body to build necessary stomach acid on its own.

Formulations patterned from nature’s synergies as found in foods are the best way to absorb these nutrients. We use this natural approach as an underpinning basis for PERQUE formulations.

Alkalinizing & energizing. PERQUE supplements are made with alkalinizing and energizing co-factors that compensate for excess acid produced by acid-forming foods and drinks. Necessary co-factors and transporters to maximize absorption such as Krebs’ energizing and alkalinizing agents and tocotrienols (found in PERQUE Life Guard) help the body have the energy it needs to take up these potent nutrients.

Analyzed for microbial contamination and avoid GMOs. Given the recent concerns about E.coli contamination, this point is particularly important. PERQUE tests all products for any contamination and does not include sources from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

If there is a problem, can I talk to a manufacturer’s representative? Is there a guarantee I’ll feel better?? If problems arise, we all want to talk to someone “in the know” who can resolve issues. Thinking of You specializes in a personal contact as we know it is very difficult for you to determine any of the above points before the supplement is ingested. It is also nice to know that a trusted, highly reliable person stands behind the product. We are there for you, and will follow-up, as needed. We sell primarily PERQUE vitamins because of results and PERQUE offers an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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