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Susan J. Radcliffe, RD, CCN is a practicing clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition and certification as a Registered Dietitian. She is also certified by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board, and is a member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Both professional and personal experience and training contribute to her skills and understanding when answering your health-related questions. Informational consultations as well as more in-depth nutritional counseling (requiring submission of forms) for specific or longstanding health concerns are available.


Many of Ms. Radcliffe’s referrals are pleased to report she has helped them to understand what supplements they are taking and why they are taking them. Utilizing the synergy of formulations often resulting in a simplification of supplementation needs. As with all we offer at Thinking of You, personal attention makes your nutritional consult helpful to YOU. Fill out contact details at this link to arrange your consultation.