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Why Potent C Guard is Better?

Purity, Purity, Purity


Ascorbate and Blood Pressure Reduction

Get the Lead Out: PERQUE Potent C Guard

Potent Protection from Atherosclero-sis / ASHD

Raise Cell Energy, Boost Immune Defense, and repair competence



When evaluating vitamin C, choose the supplement with the most health-promoting impact. PERQUE Potent C Guard is the most powerful form of vitamin C on the market today.*

The scientific literature confirms vitamin C's key role in:

  • immune system function,
  • collagen repair and formation,
  • joint function,
  • energy production,
  • antioxidant protection and function,
  • detoxification, and more.

PERQUE Potent C Guard enhances hormone production and function as needed, and helps the body to adapt better. In addition, it is important to take the amount of ascorbate needed to keep an adequate supply in the cells. This varies based on levels of distress, toxins, acute and delayed allergy reactions, and cell buffering/ alkaline reserve. Optimum ascorbate use is based on calibration of need (click here for ascorbate calibration instructions) or as directed by your health professional.*


PERQUE Potent C Guard is produced with an exclusive, triple recrystallization process. This innovative technique creates a product with unprecedented purity and bioactivity.*

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Energized Nutrients

Vitamin C (100% l-ascorbate, fully reduced, corn free)


Buffering, Essential, Energizing Minerals

Potassium (as ascorbate)

Calcium (as ascorbate)
Magnesium (as ascorbate)
Zinc (as ascorbate)

Typical Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one rounded half-teaspoon mixed with four (4) ounces of liquid or as directed by your health professional. Wait for effervescence to stop before drinking. Must be stored with cap on tightly in a cool, dry place. If the powder becomes yellow or clumpy or anything other than pure white powder it must be discarded. Keep tightly capped.

Available in 8-ounce and 16-ounce bottles.

Note: Each rounded teaspoon contains 3.2 grams of fully buffered ascorbate. Each 8-ounce bottle contains 113 servings with a total of 227 grams of ascorbate. Each 16-ounce bottle contains 227 servings with a total of 454 grams of ascorbate.

For information on how to do a "C flush calibration," click here.


Buffered Ascorbate (vitamin C): Multiple Benefits Blood pressure reduction:

PERQUE Potent C Guard is your safer, more effective choice. Obesity, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, and a high-fat/ protein/sugar diet can induce high blood pressure, in part through insulin resistance (Syndrome X). The greatest benefit comes from full tissue saturation of fully reduced and fully buffered ascorbate.*

Benefits of l-ascorbate, vitamin C because it:

  • Protects delicate endothelial cells that line blood vessels from free radical and toxin damage.*
  • Increases nitrous oxide (nature's small vessel relaxation molecule) thus lowering blood pressure via enhanced biopterin action.*
  • Induces the production of collagen.*

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Get the lead out: PERQUE Potent C Guard is effective at lowering the body's burden of toxic minerals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and nickel. This action occurs both by decreasing uptake of toxic minerals from the intestine and by increasing renal and stool excretion of toxic minerals.*

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Potent protection from atherosclerosis/ASHD: Lower your coronary and stroke risk by improved antioxidant, vessel health, and toxin reduction actions of PERQUE Potent C Guard. Homocysteine levels and risk are reduced; and aging is slowed by reduced free radical damage.*

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Raise cell energy and boost immune defense and repair competence with PERQUE Potent C Guard.*

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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