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Why You Need Digesta Guard Forté

Potent Digestive Aid


Digesta Guard Forté Probiotic Viability

Multiple Uses for Probiotics

A Closer Look Digesta Guard



PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 is essential for individuals who take antibiotics. These medications wipe out "good" as well as "bad" bacteria, leading to complications, such as yeast infections, maldigestion, constipation, or diarrhea and nausea. PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 effectively rehabilitates the digestive system by restoring the body's healthy, digestive organisms and clearing out toxins in the intestines.*

As individuals age, digestive malfunctions become more common. Breakdowns in the digestive tract are linked with antibiotic use, unhealthy diet, food allergies, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, hemorrhoids, flatulence, constipation, and colon cancer risk.*

PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 is a probiotic supplement that actually replaces "bad" bugs with ten beneficial bacteria. It thereby improves digestion and wards off dietary toxins, such as pesticide residues, hormones in foods, and toxic metals like lead or mercury.*



The active bacteria in PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 help break down food more effectively than any other digestive aid available.* PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 is unique for the following reasons:

  • Only biocultured strains are used to ensure maximum implantation and function.*
  • Ten strains of probiotics are harvested at their most dynamic, active growth stage and then rapidly freeze dried, which puts the bacteria into suspended animation. This makes PERQUE probiotics viable for long periods of time. In contrast, many other probiotic supplements wait for the highest density of bacteria, even though many starve to death in the production vat. PERQUE's complex process delivers a more potent product.*
  • Inhibits the growth of pathogens such as H. Pylori, E. Coli OH157 (hemolytic E. Coli), Candida albicans, kreusii, tropicalis, Clostridium difficile, Yersinia enterocolitica, and Staphylococcus aureus.*
  • Features a new strain Lactobacillus paracasei UALPC-04, which has tremendous immune boosting properties. It is a powerful anti microbial especially against S. aureus infections.
  • Promotes healthy balance and growth of aerobic and anaerobic probiotic organisms.*
  • Promotes better digestion and reduction in maldigestive, irritating, immunoreactive products.*
  • Better digestion means better stomach, intestinal, liver, circulatory, and wound repair functions.*
  • Produces butyrate fuel for intestinal energy and mucosal repair. Butyrate is an important short chain fatty acid that provides fuel for colon cells and may help protect against colon cancer*
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Alive, energized probiotic organisms

B. bifidum UABB-10 (formerly R0071)
B. breve UABB-11 (formerly R0070)
B. longum UABL-14 (formerly R0175)


L. acidophilus DDS-1 (formerly R0052)
L. casei UALC-03 (formerly R0215)
L. paracasei UALPC-04
L. plantarum UALP-05 (formerly R0202)
L. rhamnosus UALR-06 (formerly R0011)
L. lactis ssp. lactis UALL-08 (formerly R1058)


S. thermophilus UAST-09 (formerly R0083)
Vitamin C
(100% l-ascorbate, fully reduced, corn free)
Magnesium (as C16 and C18 alkyls, from whole, untreated palm fruit and leaf)
Ascorbyl palmitate
Rice maltodextrim
Vegetable capsules



Typical Dosage for Digesta Guard Forté 10

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to six (6) capsules daily with food or as directed by your health professional. Capsule may be opened and added to fruit smoothies, vegetable juice, or vegetable broth; blended into yogurt or apple sauce; or sprinkled on cereal.

Digesta Guard Forté 10 is available in bottles of 150 capsules.

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Note: This means that PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 remains highly active throughout its shelf life even if stored at room temperature. Refrigeration will prolong shelf life.

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Billions of bacteria--over 400 species--live in the human body. Most of them can be found in the digestive tract. Besides enhancing digestion, probiotics support human health by performing the following functions:

  • Manufacturing B vitamins, such as niacin (B-3), pyridoxine (B-6), folic acid, and biotin.*
  • Lowering high cholesterol levels to support cardiovascular health.*
  • Recycling estrogen, a key female hormone, thereby decreasing the risk of menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis.*
  • Supporting the treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, migraines, gout, rheumatic and arthritic ailments, cystitis, candidiasis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and some types of cancer.*


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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A Closer Look at Digesta Guard Forté 10

The natural balance maintained within the intestines can become disrupted, and consuming sufficient probiotic bacteria via metabolized foods or dietary supplements is essential to encouraging intestinal health. The term “probiotics” is defined as a live microbial supplement that beneficially affects the host by improving the microbial balance. PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 provide many important benefits, such as improving the health of the host by positively affecting the intestinal tract.* PERQUE utilizes synergistic groups of species that benefit each other, which are more economical and more convenient than single-species products. PERQUE’s superior probiotic formulation includes billions of the two most impor tant groups of probiotic bacteria, Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. The ten beneficial probiotic strains contained within these groups are described in detail below:

  • B. bifidum UABB-10 (formerly R0071) is one of the most frequently found bifidobacteria occurring naturally in the intestinal flora of infants and adolescents. It is highly resistant to gastric activity and is able to boost the immune system by upregulating the proliferation of immune healing cells.
  • B. breve UABB-11 (formerly R0070) is probably the most common bifidobacteria in infants, but it remains a resident throughout our lives. B. breve UABB-11 produces lactic acid, metabolizes over 20 carbohydrates, and shares other characteristics in common with B. adolescentis. It also readily adheres to human intestinal cells and blocks the adherence of pathogenic (hemolytic) bacteria like E. coli (including OH157).
  • B. longum UABL-14 (formerly R0715) is of human origin and promotes bowel regularity and antagonizes pathogens.
  • L. acidophilus DDS-1 (formerly R0052), is a unique, endogenous human strain. A hardier strain, L. acidophilus DDS-1 displays superior production and sur vival capabilities and is able to balance the intestinal microflora because of its ability to combat intestinal pathogens such as H.Pylori, hemolytic E. coli (OH157), and salmonella. It also has the metabolic ability to produce B vitamins and lowers cholesterol. This strain demonstrates a high level of thermostability with the loss of potency as low as 7% in one year.1
  • L. casei UALC-03 (formerly R0215) is often used to enhance and strengthen digestion as well as detoxify environmental chemicals. It is popular in Japan and has been the subject of research, including immune boosting effects in the GI tract, involving the inhibition of pathogens.
  • L. paracasei UALPC-04, along with L. acidophilus, is ver y beneficial to the immune system. It can increase the number of IgA producing cells in the gut. This strain has specific antimicrobial activity especially to prevent the onset of urogenital infections caused by S. aureus. L.paracasei efficiently metabolizes the prebiotic FOS.
  • L. plantarum UALP-05 (formerly R1012) is a remarkable species that sur vives aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It metabolizes 25 carbohydrates and survives high salt (10% solution), stomach pH, or bile acids better than any other lactobacillus species, and is capable of producing antioxidant activity. L. plantarum UALP-05 digests grains, grasses, and vegetables and is a normal par t of the diet. It is also known to have the ability to synthesize the amino acid L-lysine, which has beneficial anti-viral activities. It is also able to eradicate pathogens such as S. aureus from fermented food.
  • L. rhamnosus UALR-06 (formerly R0011) is primarily found in the small bowel and vaginal tract and helps prevent vaginal and urinar y tract infections. L. rhamnosus UALR-06 also has a high tolerance to bile salts. It has been found to reduce hypersensitivity reactions and intestinal inflammation and is most helpful in inhibiting early intestinal infections in infants. This species can implant quickly in the small and large intestine, inhibiting the growth of streptococci and clostridia.
  • L. lactis ssp. lactis UALL-08 (formerly R1058) is isolated from a Kefir culture (a fermented digestive aid from
    Caucasus) and has been repor ted to possess antimicrobial activity, in vitro, against several intestinal pathogens.
  • S. thermophilus UAST-09 (formerly R0083) is one of two bacteria required to make yogurt. It often only reaches the upper par t of the intestine and can help lactase-deficient people to digest lactose due to the lactase they produce. In addition, S. thermophilus has been shown to be highly effective in modulating the immune response and creating favorable conditions for lactic acid bacteria.

1Dash SK. Review of scientific evidence for efficacy of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 as a probiotic strain. Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech 2004; Sep/Oct: 23-6.


Probiotic Bacteria Species
B. bifidum
Digests food and detoxifies toxins
Able to implant in the colon of children
B. breve
Digests food and protects digestion
with especially high levels in infants
B. longum
Detoxifies toxins and reduces distress
Able to implant in the colon of adults
L. acidophilus
Nourishes other healthy probiotics in the digestive tract
Able to implant in the small intestine and vagina
L. casei
Digests food and detoxifies toxins
Able to implant in the small intestine and mouth

L. paracasei

Boosts the immune system
Antimicrobial activity
L. plantarum
Digests food and enhances nutrient uptake
Antimicrobial activity

L. rhamnosus

Detoxifies environmental toxins
Able to implant in the small and large intestine as well as the vagina
L. lactis ssp. lactis
Helps keep healthy metabolic balance in digestive tract
Transient; benefits digestion through enzyme activity
S. thermophilus
Replenishes healthy digestive organisms
Transient; needs to be consumed continuously for its effect


PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 <face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> not only improves digestion and wards off dietary toxins, but also effectively rehabilitate the digestive system by restoring the body’s healthy digestive organisms and clearing out the intestines as well as help break down food more effectively.*

Note: Even though some of the strains in PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté 10 <class="style24" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">are of dairy origin, they are not grown on a dairy-containing medium, and therefore, do not contain any dairy antigen.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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