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Fibromyalgia: My Journey to Wellness
By Claire Musickant

Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a medical condition affecting 6 million people - mostly women. Symptoms include feeling achy all the time, chronic pain in various muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Generalized fatigue, tiredness so severe you can barely get out of bed in the morning, sleepless nights and depression.

Claire Musickant’s book Fibromyalgia: My Journey to Wellness is her story of sliding down the slippery slope of pain, fatigue, confusion, and despair and her fascinating and successful journey to recovery and wellness.

Fibromyalgia: My Journey to Wellness (Peanut Butter Publishing, 1999) is different from other publications on this subject. In addition to Musickant’s own story, the information also confirms that others like her, who have been told there is no known cause and no known cure, can become healthy again.


What People Are Saying About Fibromyalgia: My Journey To Wellness

This is a book that anyone concerned with personal health - from lay people to nurses,nutritionists, physicians and educators - can benefit from reading. My personal thanks go to Claire Musickant for carefully and caringly preparing a solid basis from which to tell this important story.

-Russell Jaffe, M.D., Ph.D.; Founder of PERQUE

If there was ever a case for doctors to truly listen to their patients, it’s Claire Musickant’s book, Fibromyalgia: My Journey To Wellness. Through her book, Claire - the research master, patient, and ultimately, the survivor - provides the optimum service to fibromyalgia sufferers and medical specialists who attempt to treat them. Musickant’s journey led her, and will help guide others, to pain-free and fruitful lives.

-Neal Barnard, M.D.; Author of Foods That Fight Pain

Claire Musickant’s book describing her journey to wellness is a must for all persons who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. This lucid book eloquently describes the trials and tribulations faced by fibromyalgia patients and will be an answer for many who have been searching for relief for so many years.

-Patricia A. Duester, Ph.D., Master of Public Health

About The Author    

Claire Musickant has been able to speak and inspire audiences since her childhood. Raised primarily by her mother in the public housing projects of northwest Milwaukee, where she was often heckled for being Jewish in a German neighborhood, a young Musickant developed grit and perseverance in pre-World War II days.

With a background of membership in the National Speakers Association, the Wisconsin Professional Speakers Association and the American Society for Training and Development, Musickant speaks eloquently when she discusses the lifestyle changes that helped her regain her spirit in the shadow of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Since educating herself on fibromyalgia, and subsequently writing the recently-released book Fibromyalgia: My Journey to Wellness, Musickant’s enthusiasm is powered through motivating others to help themselves. This has become a personal mission!

After raising four children and despite growing up in a period of “Boys go to college, girls go to work,” Musickant earned a bachelor’s degree in Management on her 49th birthday. As she expanded her education, Musickant, a consultant and trainer, conducted seminars and workshops for government agencies, universities, colleges, small businesses, and major corporations. She wrote The Leader’s Guide and Handbook on Career Planning for Displaced Homemakers, which was published by ERIC in 1983. She also penned Only You Can Do It: A Personal Guide for Career Planning and Job Searching.

Musickant and her husband, Joseph Becker, share a positive lifestyle, including a blended family of five children, lots of grandchildren, summers in Wisconsin, and winters in Florida.

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